Our Neighbourhood Plan


What is a neighbourhood plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan allows communities to determine and influence the type and nature of development they want to see in their area. Gaining support and active acceptance by the community through voting for the plan is crucial to success.

There is a protocol to ensure the quality and support for neighbourhood plans is consistent. Each plan must undergo scrutiny by an independent planning consultant to verify that the evidence supports the proposals. So for a plan to achieve success, the process must be transparent and actively backed by the community. So far over 100 neighbourhood plans have been successfully adopted across the country, with hundreds more at various stages of preparation. These plans give communities the voice to decide what they want in their area from affordable housing to improved infrastructure.

View our Progress

Kelvedon Parish Council applied to submit a neighbourhood plan on behalf of the village so that we could have that voice. Following a meeting in March 2015 and a period of managing logistics and obtaining funding, we have regrouped and are ready to go. We have set up a steering group and six working groups that are beginning the process of gathering evidence and views.

The Steering Group:

The steering group is responsible for organising the project and ensuring we meet deadlines. They will also collate the work from the groups and engage with the community and other stakeholders involved in the process. Ultimately, producing a successful plan is their job, and we have a lot to do before that happens.

Our working groups are:


We will be considering all aspects of housing including types, distribution, needs, private and rented…


Our first task is completing an assessment of educational and recreational places for children to learn…

Environment & Heritage

Our work involves identifying and protecting the environment from nature reserves to flood plains…

Business & Retail

Our task is to ensure Kelvedon is a place where businesses can thrive…


Considering the provision of health and care by organisations from doctors’ surgeries and dentists…

Moving Around

We will be looking at the needs of residents and visitors moving around the village…