Our Mission


Our overall mission is to produce a plan that is endorsed and supported by the community and meets the necessary criteria so it can be successfully adopted and implemented.
To do that we will be working hard to:

  • Understand what it takes for a neighbourhood plan to be successful
  • Engage with you and all parties involved in creating the plan e.g. Braintree District Council
  • Carry out research to find out what we have already and what we need in Kelvedon
  • Listen, take feedback, communicate clearly, use all available resources to keep you updated
  • Enlist volunteers and involvement from all areas of the community
  • Schedule and hold public meetings and consultations for you to attend
  • Create a vision of Kelvedon for the future with options and policies for you to consider

  • Recommend resource improvements and how we can achieve them
  • Identify business needs and opportunities that will support the whole community
  • Respect the history and environment that our village is built on
  • Follow the protocol and timelines that are required to deliver a successful plan
  • Engage suitable external expertise where appropriate e.g. independent planning consultant
  • Hold a referendum where you can vote for the plan
  • Deliver real value for the community