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Finding out about businesses in Kelvedon - Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan

Finding out about businesses in Kelvedon

Business premises form part of our village ‘street scene’. Our local businesses provide some essential services for the village as well as employment opportunities for residents. To ensure we include appropriate policies in our Neighbourhood Plan, we needed to know more about our local businesses and what matters to them.

The KNP Business & Retail group issued a survey in November to Kelvedon based businesses. The survey focused on businesses that occupy business premises, rather than home based workers.

53 businesses responded, representing 89% of those who received a survey. We will publish a full report of the findings in the new year. Meanwhile, here are a few points highlighting some of the information we collected. Of the respondents….

  • 34 have been in business in Kelvedon for 10 or more years
  • 4 have opened in Kelvedon in the past 2 years
  • 35 employ at least 4 people
  • 5 employee more than 26 people
  • 53% have employees living in Kelvedon
  • 14% would like to expand in their existing premises
  • 0 would like to move away from Kelvedon
  • 50% said they were attracted to Kelvedon because of accessibility to road/ rail networks
  • 40 believe that the proposed A12/A120 improvements would be positive for them 

The full business survey report will include the methodology and a detailed analysis of each response.

We are submitting our policies and associated evidence base to an independent planning consultant this week. We expect to receive confirmation of the consultant’s rececommendations by mid January. At that point we can proceeed to the next stages of consulting the community and preparing the draft plan.

Your feedback and support is the most important factor in making our Neighbourhood Plan succeed. Without the backing of residents and a ‘Yes’ vote at the referendum, there will be no Neighbourhood Plan. Please keep in touch with us and take every opportunity to comment and have your say. We would also like to give a quick reminder that our working groups are:

Business & Retail


Environment & Heritage 

Health & Social Care


Moving Around

Working alongside these six groups is our communication team. We work to continue keep on increasing awareness. To do this we use our website, newsletters, articles and social media. But as with most things, word of mouth is best. So please feel free to share our news with your Kelvedon friends and neighbours.

If you have relevant skills and some time to contribute to our work, we would love to hear from you. You don’t have to commit to lots of meetings, much of what we do can be done from home. Email info@kelvedon-np.co.uk