How does KNP fit with BDC Local Plan?


How does Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan (KNP) fit with Braintree District Council (BDC) Local Plan?

BDC are currently making the final changes to their draft plan, and will be recommending their preferred site for Kelvedon on 12 April 2017. Their decision will be based on a wide variety of information on the sites that have been put forward.  Once the site is selected, It will then go forward as a 'presubmission' version of the Local Plan. Then independent planning inspectors will scrutinise the plan to make sure it complies with government guidelines and that the recommendations and planning policies are acceptable. To view the current timetable of the BDC Local Plan click the link below.

KNP has collected an amount of data in two surveys (June and October 2016). We have also obtained data and evidence from outside agencies. In early 2017 we began developing objectives for the KNP which will lead to a series of planning policies. This process can take time as there are rules and tests that policies must comply with. Our policies will be rigorously tested by an independent planning inspector to ensure they meet the standard required. So KNP is some way off being able to present a finished document for consideration and approval.

To propose an alternative to the site chosen by BDC, KNP would need to produce compelling evidence and present it BDC as part of its Draft Plan consultation. We issued a survey to all residents in November 2016 to find out what the community thought. The purpose of the survey was to provide information on the views of the community to BDC for its decision. A third of the surveys were returned and the results showed there was no clear preference for one site over another. The votes were 34% for Monks Farm, 27% for London Road and 33% for Ewell Hall.

BDC will develop generic planning policies; KNP will add a level of local detail in its policies. These include, blending new development into the existing landscape, design guides for new homes, public open spaces, measures for drainage, protecting amenities, ensuring adequate infrastructure and following best practice. The policies will be complementary covering general planning principles and the essential detail.