KNP Influence


How can the Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan (KNP) Team influence development that is proposed before the Neighbourhood Plan is adopted?

Braintree District Council (BDC) has a target for housing supply; at present it does not have the required 5 year land supply for residential planning permissions. Without a 5 year land supply, BDC cannot use the existing development boundary as a reason to refuse planning applications. Therefore, any landowner could submit a speculative planning application which would be judged on its own merits. It is possible, the site/s proposed might not be in the most appropriate location, capacity, or meet the community needs. Therefore, it is important that the community are actively engaged in the planning consultation process for these applications.

This is a ‘bank of land’ spread across the district with planning approval to meet the housing target for the next 5 years. For BDC this number is 796 + 5% x 5 years = 4,180 (at end Dec 2016)

KNP can work with applicants to discuss and possibly influence.
• Drainage
• Layout
• Character
• Recreational space
• Distribution of house types and style
• Access, footpaths, cycle paths

KNP has collected data that indicates what the community needs and their concerns and desires. Sharing this data with applicants ensures they have the information to enable them to build homes that blend with the existing environment and meet local needs.

Consulting with the community and parish council is a requirement for applicants. It's in their interests to do the best they can to mitigate the negative impacts of all aspects of a development for the community. Therefore, taking account of local views and aiming to meet local needs may make the process of developing less difficult for them.

By engaging with applicants, KNP can find out more about proposed plans before it is too late to influence change. KNP can also engage with the community to keep them informed as discussions progress and outcomes are clear. We will develop planning policies and design guidelines as part of the Neighbourhood Plan. These design guidelines will aim to make new development blended to ‘look like’ Kelvedon, rather than just anywhere in the country.