How important is retail and business for Kelvedon?

Were you among the people who were dismayed to discover the Co-op would be closed for 2 weeks for refurbishment? Even before it closed, stock was depleted and it changed people’s habits. What no bread? No eggs? Picking up basic items, suddenly meant people had to rethink and plan how to manage. Luckily, we have a couple of other local shops. But what would happen if we didn’t?

Many residents who are technically capable, use online shopping conveniently delivered to their door. However, a significant number including those online shoppers who miss odd items off their list (!) rely on local retailers.

If each household only spent £10 a week in local shops, the amount of revenue would exceed £60,000 a month to village businesses.  If this spending suddenly stopped or reduced because of shopping elsewhere, the viability of our local businesses declines.

The first half of 2016 saw the closure of 15 shops across the UK, every day. In our community survey in 2016, many residents were asking for a bakery and a coffee shop. Our July 2017 consultation indicates that residents are keen to see our existing shops continue as shops, calling a halt to the trend for change of use. Our sandwich shop has expanded to provide the coffee shop people wanted. We have three local shops, one of which includes a post office. Only if we support these and our other local businesses, can we continue to enjoy the real convenience of village life.

We are fortunate to have local services, shops, places to eat and drink and facilities for leisure activities. We may want better facilities and more shops, but we need to use what we have so we don’t lose it.

So let’s hear three cheers for our local businesses, long may they continue to thrive!

If you own a local business and would like to share the story of your business, or promote a special event that might be of interest to residents, please contact us by emailing