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Kelvedon Residents – KNP really is all about you - Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan

Kelvedon Residents – KNP really is all about you

Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan totally depends on Kelvedon residents and the final decision is in your hands.

The KNP team is working to produce a robust plan that developers must adhere to if they wish to develop anything in Kelvedon during the 15 year plan period. Only Kelvedon residents will have the chance to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the referendum to accept the Neighbourhood Plan. If residents reject the plan, then outside agencies will decide what Kelvedon will receive and how its character will evolve.

To help our plan to succeed, we need residents to know what is happening and why. We need to keep in touch with you and gain your support, so that we can all shape the future of Kelvedon.

We owe a huge thanks to everyone who has supported us in 2017. Whether you …

  • read one of our 38 blogs or 24 newsletters/magazine articles
  • viewed one of the 86 posts on KNP Facebook or 2 other village pages where they appeared
  • liked our posts, commented or followed our Facebook page – as 185 people do
  • are one of the 71 people/organisations following the 134 Tweets we posted
  • are responsible for any of the 68 retweets of our information
  • signed up for our newsletter as 487 people have – resulting in 2,270 newsletters opened and 616 articles clicked for more detail
  • attended our consultation at the Kelvedon Community Festival in July 2017
  • are one of the 221 residents who voted on the vision for Kelvedon
  • voted or commented on one of the 40 headline policies we are working on
  • responded on the potential designation of 10 green open spaces
  • completed our online survey on draft policy wordings in July 2017
  • own one of the 53 businesses that responded to the business survey in Nov 2017
  • shared any of our information in any way with your friends and neighbours
  • are one of the volunteers who has given any of your time to help with the KNP…..


Without you, our work would be pointless. So please continue to support us and spread the word, share information and take part in every opportunity to have your say.

We would like to end this year with thanks to another group of local volunteers in the Kelvedon Community Association who have raised £4,000 to purchase Christmas lights for the village. Demand is so high KCA needs to buy even more for next year, so it will be organising fund raising events during the year. Huge thanks to KCA for helping making the village look so festive.

If you would like to have KCA lights on your home or business in the High St next year, or if you can share your time to help put lights up, please contact either Jane Waters on 07976 617281 or Jeremy Doughton on 07843 938707. Or you can visit the KCA website  http://www.kelvedoncommunityassociation.co.uk/

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year from the KNP Team!