Our Progress

Please note – all future dates are estimated.

7th March 2015

Public meeting

30th March 2015

Kelvedon application for NP approved

April 2015

Ongoing assessing evidence of what we have now

September 2015

6 new working groups established

November – December 2015

Public awareness and engagement began

January 2016

Website launched

February – March 2016

Review Braintree Planning Strategy and evidence gathered

March – April 16

Draft vision options

May- June 2016

Public consultation on vision options

May - June 2016

Liaise with other local village plan organisers

July 2016

Results of public consultation

September 2016

Draft policies and plan

October - November 2016

Exhibit and display plan

December 2016 - January 2017

Independent review of plan

February 2017

Final amendments to plan

March 2017


April 2017

Submission of plan to Braintree DC